Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition –June 10th

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 

🌈 Mamas & Papas – a UK-based nursery brand featured this ‘#Pride2021’ Instagram post to celebrate Love. 

🌈It did so well because it was inclusive to lots of different types of families. Users engaged, sharing personal and sensitive stories like, “Been married 4 wonderful years to my gorgeous wife @fromwifetolife and after 7 rounds of fertility treatment we now have a 22month old gorgeous little boy” and “My youngest has been struggling with their assigned gender and how they feel about it. The pain in watching them change their mind and feel unfulfilled has been overwhelming.”

🌈 The brand frequently features very ‘real’ stories from its users using the hashtag ‘#neverunderestimatethepowerofcommunity’ which defines their caring tone of voice. 

🥩 Steak-umm, a 1975 Pennsylvania-based frozen-steak company is known for delving into thought-provoking topics; anecdotes vs. data, the differences between experts and communicators, the history of memes, cognitive dissonance and the dunning-kruger effect.

🥩Its latest tweet is an example of how the brand is being consistent with its unique commentary approach on social media, about social media. 🤯

🌞Black Country Living Museum is an award-winning open air living museum that tells the story of the world’s first industrial landscape.

🌞It’s latest Instagram post uses local Black Country slang for the caption, “We ay half had a bostin’ day in the sunshine today.” It worked so well because it comes across as authentic and injects personality – like there is a real person behind the account and not an organisation. 

🐕‍🦺 Lancashire Police tapped into the latest Tik Tok trend where users edit clips of their young and adult dogs together. They have done that with one of their police dogs.

🐕‍🦺Apart from the cuteness-overload, the next scene shows the pup as a fully grown trained-up barking police dog.

🐕‍🦺It attracted some interesting comments, which gave Lancashire Police the opportunity to interact with ‘future criminals’. One user said, “pls can I pet 😳 he makes me wanna buy drugs just so I can interact with him 😭”I’m not gonna.” Lancashire Police replied: “Please don’t 🙂.” 🔗Click on the image to watch.

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