Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 3rd June

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 

🥤Pepsi, soft drink originally created and developed in 1893, launched a genius campaign for National Burger Day recently. 
🥤The carousel Instagram ads feature packaging from fast food joints including Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s – all places where Coke is served. But with some clever photography and Photoshop, the Pepsi logo appears hidden in each.

🥤The campaign is delightfully playful.

👟Converse is an American shoe company that designs skating sneakers. A 22-year-old recently went viral on TikTok in which she says that she strongly believes a design pitch she submitted in 2019 as part of an intern application is now being used for the company’s latest “Chuck 70 National Parks” line.
👟Converse was forced to release a statement after angry users demanded justice. Sentiment can be summed up by this user’s comment: Converse y’all been REALLLL quiet on all socials … address it .”

🍔Wendy’s is an American international fast food restaurant chain. Here, they’re doing what they do best – trolling and taunting its rival brand.

🍔The tweet was a hit because Wendy’s subtly takes aim at Ronald McDonald, prompting lots of users to join in with the joke. One user said: “Hell, if you open up anywhere near me I’ll happily leave my job at mcdonalds.”

🍔 Wendy’s had a great time engaging with users in its edgy and cheeky tone of voice: “We knew we’d be taking their customers, but didn’t expect to take their staff so soon as well.”

🐝National Geographic, a world leader in adventure, science, photography, environment and history stood out on with its World Bee Day campaign in a call to protect bees and empower women beekeepers.

🐝Here, Angelina Jolie posed with 60,000 REAL BEES for 18 minutes, as they crawled all over her face, torso and arms. How?! They used a special pheromone that compelled the bees to stay calm. 

🐝Sentiment can be summed up by these user’s comments: “this pic above is not flattering in my opinion. All I see is crazy in her eyes, she doesn’t look relaxed at all…more like… holding her breath with intense tact,” and “She has 6 kids…. this is nothing.”

🐝 Mostly though, people were in awe. “This is so awesome. Not sure how many people understand just how effed we would be if bees died out.”

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