🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 7th January

📅A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
 Newsletter edition – Thursday 7th January

🥯MoonPie is a 103-year-old marshmallow biscuit company. Its tweets are written from the perspective of a young guy with a weird, self-deprecating tone of voice. (294K followers).
🥯The latest tweet has NOTHING to do with the marshmallow biscuit but yet still manages to ’emotionally’ engage its followers.

🥯The MoonPie Twitter guy is renowned for mentioning his ex (Linda). This ongoing narrative is its recipe for successful engagement as it builds trust and relatability between the fictional character and customers.

🌞  Airbnb is a vacation rental online marketplace company based in San Francisco. It’s known for its escapism-themed imagery. 

🌞Its Instagram (4.7M followers) evokes a sense of wanderlust through its stunning feed of user-generated content. The #Airbnb hashtag brings up around 5.5M posts – highlighting how the brand makes sleeping in a stranger’s bed cool.

🌞As you can see, Airbnb picks out unusual places to get its users excited about its next trip. Airbnb then repurposes gorgeous shots from regular travellers for its own channels for a thumb-stopping ‘wow’ factor.

Paddy Power is an Irish bookmaker founded in 1988 in Dublin, Ireland. They’re known for their ruthless and ballsy tone of voice

⚽Their Facebook (1.6M fans) content is anything but bland. Their strategy is to provide timely tongue-in-cheek additional commentary, which always adds more fuel to the fire.

⚽Users follow Paddy Power because they enjoy their content and actively engage, as though they’re having banter with their mate down the pub. I’m sure their engagement would have increased even more, as we are all missing that pub-banter. 

🍌Innocent Drinks produces smoothies and juice with the occasional baked bean smoothie – oh wait, that was one of their ‘fake’ product launches 🤮. 

🍌On Twitter (297.2K followers), they were quick to get in on the #lockdownthree trend. In their typical sharp-wit, they casually reminded people of the ‘banana bread’ baking phase in #lockdownone.

🍌At the same time, they indirectly said what we’re all thinking: “Urgh not again!”

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