šŸ’”Brand Bites (3 min): How Denny’s Diner feeds its fans through scroll-stopping content

Denny’s Diner has transformed itself from a traditional ‘pit stop’ diner to a big hit on social media, with its absurd social media content, the ‘chill teenager’ tone of voice and ‘WTF’ photos on Instagram.

šŸ‘€Brandwatch (4 min): Barbie – the empowering and educating force.

Barbie’s days as a pink ‘princess’ are long gone. She has evolved through the times to become an aspirational role model – available as an astronaut, a judge, a paramedic and even a president. I explore what makes Barbie the original female empowerment icon.

šŸ‘€Brandwatch: Has Innocent Drinks just launched a Heinz baked bean smoothie?

Innocent Drinks recently announced the launch of a Heinz baked beans smoothie šŸ¤®. They shared the ‘shocking news’ on their social media channels, which turned out to be a clever marketing tool to launch their actual breakfast smoothie.