🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 20th May

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
Newsletter edition – Thursday 20th May

🚀 The State of Israel’s official Twitter account managed by the Israel Foreign Ministry’s Digital Diplomacy team, tweeted a morbid thread of hundreds of rocket emojis on Monday.

🚀 One of the tweets read, “Just to give you all some perspective, these are the total amount of rockets shot at Israeli civilians, each one of these rockets is meant to kill. #IsraelUnderAttack.”

🚀 Users angrily reacted to the controversial tweet, claiming the content was insensitive. Sentiment can be summed up by this user’s reply, “Don’t the bombs that Israel dropped on Gaza kill children? Israel is killing children.” Others called the tweet “sickeningly cruel and vindictive”, “deranged” and “beyond vile.” 

Starbucks indirectly went viral for a complex drinks order. The trend all started from Josie, a Starbucks barista, venting about a complicated Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino that included 13 customisations.

☕ “On [today’s] episode of why I wanna quit my job,” Josie tweeted, followed by his rant. After the (now deleted) tweet went viral, the barista was fired from his job for violating store policy. Starbucks is known for its unlimited customisation policy.

☕ Edward’s complicated order has inspired a new TikTok trend under the hashtag #Starbucks, which encourages people to get outlandishly creative with their orders and inadvertently make baristas want to quit their jobs.  

🚨  Northants Police told a shocking story (the outcome of a trial) through a Twitter thread. The whole story is written in a clear, to-the-point and structured format – you can’t help but want to find out what happens. 

🚨 The thread continues with, “Can you imagine the level of fear it takes for someone to throw themselves out of a first-floor window? But this is exactly what domestic abusers do to their victims – induce pure terror. It all started as a normal night out…”

🚨 It’s so effective because it takes users on a journey, prompting them to imagine the terror, fear and helplessness the subject of the story experiences. It ends with a clear call to action to users who may relate, “We can help you. Please contact us.”

📦 Amazon, the largest Internet-based store, got creative on Twitter by showcasing the transition between lockdown to the lifting of restrictions, in a visually delightful format. 

📦 Amazon’s playful, clear and informative tone of voice speaks directly to its customers, always inspiring them to explore their next potential purchase. 

📦 The tweet didn’t have the desired effect. Instead, users replied with questions like, “Will Amazon take Dogecoin for goods?” and “Accepting dogecoin will make ur sales double #dogecoin #elon #xrp #btc #dogearmy.”

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