🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition –6th May

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
Newsletter edition – Thursday 6th May

Manchester United Football Clubunited with other clubs and athletes in a boycott of social media (4-days) to fight racism. 

⚽ Most of the users supported the boycott, whereas others hardly batted an eyelid and saw it as an opportunity to vent about the club: “I don’t think this would make any difference, but if that’s what could be done for now then #StopOnlineAbuse and also #GetGlazersOut while at it.” 

🚀 Slim Jim is an American brand of beef jerky sticks. Here, they have used a sarcastic and passive tone of voice to poke fun at other brands desperately trying to mark #Maythe4th. It works so well as ironically, they too marked the day. 

🚀 Scroll down their Twitter stream and you’ll see how obsessed they have become with Dogecoin – the cryptocurrency “for the people,” with their biggest price-pumper being Elon Musk. The Social Media Manager is clearly trying to capitalise on the Dogecoin army trend and doing a great job at fooling the Twitter algorithms. 

Worcestershire County Council. This local authority got really creative with #Maythe4th day by incorporating important COVID-19 messaging with Star Wars images. 

⭐Here, they’ve suggested that people should stay ‘a Wookies distance’ to stay safe. Hat tip to them for being so bold and fun with their content! Who said councils have to churn out boring content?!

🍺 Bud Light is a refreshing American-style light lager beer. Here they’ve Retweeted New Jersey’s official COVID-19 account to highlight the incentive for getting vaccinated – FREE BEER!

🍺 It’s a clever way for the brand to show solidarity and support for the government and indirectly address all those vaccine nay-sayers. This seems to be an ongoing trend as earlier, Krispy Kreme were giving away donuts for the same cause. Shame no brands are offering the same in the UK. 

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