🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 15th April

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
📅Newsletter edition – Thursday 15th April.

🍔Byron Burger, British restaurant chain, went ballsy for #TesticularCancerAwarenessMonth by giving away free Mac and Cheese Balls to everyone who checks themselves (or encourages someone else to) during April.
🍔 Some commended the brand for highlighting something so important, others were not impressed. One lady said: “This is so wrong. My daughter just saw this picture and it was a shock to her and to us to see something like this. It’s very good that you are sharing for#testicularcancerawarenessmonth , but maybe without the picture.”

💥US Strategic Command is responsible for safeguarding America’s nuclear weapons. The account recently tweeted a cryptic message reading, “l;;gmlxzssaw.” It was deleted within minutes after users speculated it to be a nuclear launch code

💥The Strategic Command’s freedom of information officer said in a statement that “the command’s Twitter manager, while in a telework status, momentarily left the command’s Twitter account open and unattended. His very young child took advantage of the situation and started playing with the keys and unfortunately, and unknowingly, posted the tweet.”

🤔 Hmmm…

National RailBritain’s rail network, marked the death of Prince Phillip by rendering their website greyscale, making it completely useless to people with visual impairments.

😡Lots of angry users ridiculed the move with comments like, “I’m pretty sure he isn’t checking the website. Stop performing to the weirdos and just put it back.”  Note – National Rail’s social media manager agreed with frustrated users!

👂 National Rail has since reverted it back after many users ‘derailed’ its mourning plan: “We’ve listened to feedback about how people are using the website and have made further changes today to make it more accessible to all our customers.”

🔥 Ryanair is an Irish ultra-low-cost airline is known for its savage tone of voice on social media. They recently ‘burned’ one of its users (Sean) when he innocently asked if the airline flew to Istanbul.

🔥 Instead of a straight-forward ‘no, sorry we don’t fly there,’ they saw it as an opportunity to take a dig at Sean for being a Liverpool fan.

One thought on “🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 15th April

  1. Yet another excellent topics… especially about looking after your health and especially causing inconvenience to the partially sighted simple tasks of booking tickets…

    Well done for addressing these important matters….


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