🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 8th April

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
📅Newsletter edition – Thursday 8th April.

🦶Lego, Danish toy production company, marked April Fool’s Day with the ‘Never step on a LEGO brick again! SmartBricks, coming soon…’ announcement.

🦶This Instagram video post shows the ‘SmartBricks’ parting ways as soon as the person walks towards them – in a Moses sea-split way. 

🦶The thousands of ‘AFOLs’ (Adult Fans of Lego community) loved it. Sentiment can be summed up by one user’s comment: “Where has this been my whole life!”

🍳Gousto, British meal kit retailer, marked April Fool’s Day with this rather peculiar creme egg scotch egg recipe. 

🍳Users went through being confused, sickened and then inquisitive about whether it was actually real. Gousto stood its ground and backed its ‘serious’ recipe. Their witty replies included comments like, “there’s no stopping us” and “you’d be a fool not to try it.”

😵Minky, a company that specialises in cleaning material and equipment, marked April Fool’s Day with this saucy Instagram post where its trademark anti-bacterial sponge was turned into a mankini

😉It was well-received by users applauding the brand for being cheeky and “amazing“. Others were not so impressed: “I don’t want the man. I hate muscles. I love a dad bod 😍😍😍!”

🐄Yeo Valley, the organic family farm in Somerset marked April Fool’s Day by announcing it had shaved QR codes into the hides of all 400 of their British Friesian cows, to celebrate the national rollout of its connected packaging.

🐄 Each ‘Moo-R Code’ is unique to the cow and links the scanner to a profile page – almost like each of them having a Facebook profile.

🐄Not everyone saw the funny side. One concerned user said: “Not sure what to think! Are you putting ink on the cows?”

🍅Heinz, food manufacturer that produces Beanz, soups and sauces, marked April Fool’s Day by teaming up with Innocent to create Smoup – a mixture of soup with a smoothie. 

🧇Birds Eye, an American international brand of frozen foods, marked April Fool’s Day by teaming up with Morphy Richards to create the ‘Waffles Only Toaster’.

🧇Designed to be the exact measurement of Birds eye’s waffles, it includes a heat-activated potato waffle print that slowly turns golden until the crisp yet fluffy waffles pop out.

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