🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 4th February

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
📅 Newsletter edition – Thursday 4th February

🏹The Worldwide Robin Hood Society (non-profit), was mistaken for the @Robinhoodapp stock trading account that has controversially been caught in between an army of Reddit traders and Wall Street in the GameStop saga.

🏹This account started with under 400 followers but is now followed by over 60K after the mixup. It seems like the new followers are sticking around after many pleasant exchanges with the social media person, with many followers promising to visit after lockdown. 

🌍 National Geographic, a non-profit global organisation, is known for taking millions of followers on virtual journeys all over the world. 

🌎The account has been reviving some of its most powerful images to celebrate reaching 150 million Instagram followers. This particular image comes with a ‘This photo may contain graphic or violent content’ warning. Not something you would usually see on Instagram –  a human face. You can’t help but zoom in. 

🎥Doncaster Council (Local Government) known for their humorous and straight-talking tone of voice turns an authoritative message into a fun but serious story. 

🎥This Twitter thread tells a dramatic story of how its Enforcement team embodied the Liam Neeson character, who is famed for always hunting down the bad guys. A refreshing change from, “Fly-tipping is offence” messages. This creative format perfectly balances the consequences of fly-tipping while keeping users reading until the end, just like a good movie. A must-read, you won’t be disappointed! 

🧦ASOS fashion brand recently accused rival Boohoo of ‘forgetting to Photoshop out’ its logo from its socks on this image, (which has since been removed). They even involved Specsavers in the ‘Twitter beef.’ 

🧦After some light-hearted banter, ASOS won by tweeting, “LOL ex for a reason. Don’t make us bring up why we dropped you in the first place sha 👀 Unrelated, take 20% of all our socks with code :PUTASOCKINIT.” 👏Fantastic reactive marketing!

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