🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 28th January

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
📅 Newsletter edition – Thursday 21st January

🧼Dove has been around since 1957. The brand is known for championing real women, in all shapes, sizes and colours, through its empowering campaigns.

🧼 ‘Januhairy’ – a movement started by two students with almost 40k followers celebrates body hair. Dove jumps in using Cora and her ‘sexy’ armpits. Real women – 1 Society – 0 👏

Bernie Sanders won the Internet this week and brands had a whale of a time.
I’ve picked out some of the most creative 
‘#BernieSandersMittens’ memes below 👇

🚍 Lothian Buses (Public Sector) is owned by the City of Edinburgh and Lothian councils. A fantastic use of a trending meme to illustrate COVID-19 guidance. 

Sharon Stone  American actress, producer and former fashion model. No words needed. If you know, you know.

💧 St Helens Borough Council (Local Government).This was great to see – addressing a serious issue with a topical meme. You can’t help but remember the message. 

This week's newsletter features Dove, Lothian buses, Sharon Stone, St Helens Borough Council and Sex and the City.

👠Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker using Bernie to reignite the feud with Samantha from Sex and the City. 

🧤Since the ‘#BernieSandersMittens’ meme blew up around the world on social media, the Bernie Campaign Store capitalised on the trend by selling ‘Chairman Sanders Crewneck’ jumpers, with 100% of proceeds going toward Meals on Wheels Vermont. Bravo brands around the world, you entertained us and helped a good cause👏! 

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