🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 21st January

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
📅Newsletter edition – Thursday 21st January

😷Telford and Wrekin Council (Local Government) is the local authority of Telford and Wrekin in Shropshire, England. This post achieved thousands of reactions, comments and shares on Facebook because it tells a REAL hard-hitting story from a real person. It’s a refreshing change from the authoritative, boring and confusing, ‘do this, don’t do that’ government messaging.

😷 It works brilliantly because the post is written from Sharn’s own caring and concerned tone of voice. The before and after photos provide the shock factor as a stark reminder that COVID-19 can strike anyone. Bravo Telford and Wrekin Council! 👏 

🧼 Lush – Fresh Handmade Cosmetics’ usual tone of voice is quirky as is their product names and marketing copy, e.g. ‘Groovy Kind of Love’ and ‘Granny Takes a Dip.’ But here, they put all that aside to make a serious, political statement.

🧼Since it first began in 1995, Lush has always prided itself on its ethical principles. Although reactions are mixed on this post, most can be summed up by one user’s comment: “Trolls coming in 3…2…. Lush, y’all are amazing. Thanks for speaking out against domestic terrorism 🖤.”

💃 Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel. Barbie’s ‘newest heroine’ Maya Angelou doll has been a big hit on Instagram, attracting thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments. The latest doll strengthens Barbie’s tone of voice as inspiring and encouraging whilst conveying the ‘you can be anything’ message to young girls. 

🦠 The Lincolnshire Resilience Forum (Public Sector) is made up of partners from across the County, who work together responding to Emergencies. Hands down, this post has won the internet (achieving nearly half a million views within the first few days) with its daring ‘Don’t act like a Dick’ campaign. 

🦠 This genius campaign says the ‘stay home, wash your hands’ message in a new, direct, catchy and surprising way. Calling out those anti-masker/anti-vaxxer ‘dicks’ in this humorous tone feels more real and is therefore likely to create trust and adherence to the ‘#stayathome’ message.  A million claps for the courageous Comms Team who went there 👏. 

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