🥄Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 31st December

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
📅 Newsletter edition – Thursday 31st December

📼Comedy channel Dave is known for its witty banter, which is showcased through its sarcastic and amusing tone of voice. Content is presented through an ‘everybody has a friend named Dave’ character. 

 📼In this example, Dave targets homeowners by poking fun at the annual ‘stress’ of figuring out the Christmas bin collections.

🥩Steak-umm, a 1975 Pennsylvania-based frozen-steak company wins 2020 with its tweets highlighting coronavirus misinformation. Scientists LOVE it.

🥩This thread has been a big hit this year as it delved into 17 thought-provoking topics; anecdotes vs. data, the differences between experts and communicators, the history of memes, cognitive dissonance and the dunning-kruger effect.

🥩A virologist at Columbia University in New York praises the account as “an unlikely resource for spreading understandable – and accurate -information to those outside of the scientific community.”

Click on the image to check it out.

🥰 Yorkshire Tea, a 1977 tea brand are renowned for their authentic and sincere content.

😍 They round up a miserable 2020 with a ‘feel-good’ Facebook post, with uplifting and positive news stories listed by month.

💌 The post reinforces their subtle PR approach of converting people into Yorkshire Tea drinkers without making it obvious. One user said: “Love it! Thank you Yorkshire Tea 😃 Is it ok if I share to make other’s (non-yorkshire tea drinkers!!) smile?”

💕 Engagement can be summed up by one user’s comment: “Only Yorkshire folks can see the bright side when things get us down.”

🎨 Photoshop is a graphics editor software tool developed and published by Adobe Inc. They have built up a thriving community of engaged graphic designers through its casual, ‘the creator’ persona tone of voice and niche content.

🧠The tweet is a nod to mental health and the importance of taking a break, after what has been a tough year of adjusting to working from home.

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