Digital Brand Bites: Newsletter Edition – 24th December

A bitesize deconstruction of social media content from big brands. 
Newsletter edition – Thursday 24th December

DiGiorno pizza is known for its imaginative and creative content. Their unique tone of voice centres around random topics which they always manage to relate back to pizza.

In this example, they’ve used the pointing-down finger emoji to prompt users to engage with the ‘age-old’ pineapple on pizza question, sparking a strong reaction = even more engagement. 

Microsoftis known for its relatable and witty tone of voice.

In this case, they are catering for the Gen X/Y crowd with the classic reminder of Clippy, that annoying little know-it-all paperclip from the 90s. 

IKEA Singapore has launched its first clothing line EFTERTRDA, which bizarrely features the barcode of its best-selling BILLY Bookcase.

坎 The campaign uses senior models over the age of 70 to convey the message: Style for all, in a guerilla-styled photoshoot.

The campaign has achieved viral status on Instagram, attracting thousands of likes (4,777+) and comments like: “Omggg! Best models ever!!!! 休歹 LOOVVEE.”

Pepsi told its Twitter users that it would create ‘Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola if it achieved 2021 RTs. The cheeky stunt clearly attempts to ride on the back of the famous Coca-Cola Christmas ads.

奶 Thirsty social media users were quick to participate and smashed past the 2021 RTs.

丐 A cheeky campaign for a brand with a cheeky tone of voice. Stay tuned for details coming in 2021!

Twitter took Twitter by storm by asking users to describe 2020 in one word. 

Lots of big brands jumped on the back of this, with some really comical responses. But YouTube outshone the crowd with this corker, “Unsubscribe.”

This tweet achieved legendary viral status and goes to show how a simple and emotive tweet can spark a chain reaction across the digital landscape. 

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