đź‘€Brandwatch (3 mins): Jurassic Park – parody Twitter account goes viral

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A parody Jurassic Park Twitter account is still going viral for mocking brands’ responses to the pandemic. It pokes fun at big theme parks re-opening and reassuring its visitors that its safe, despite a surge in covid cases. 


The Jurassic Park parody account is based on a fictional theme park and was created to poke fun at brands’ ‘reassuring’ responses to the pandemic. Its not affiliated to the actual 1993 film – in fact, its run by a group of comedians.

In this article – you will learn:

  • How a Jurassic Park parody Twitter mocks companies reopening during the pandemic.
  • Why its entertaining tweets are still getting thousands of engagements.
  • How the account mocks the corporate tone of voice.

@JurassicPark2go tweeted this:

  • The Jurassic Park parody account was created by PJ Evans, a 27-year-old writer. He runs the account with 11 other writers and comedians.
  • Evans created the account after seeing Disney’s Instagram video announcing it’s reopening, despite the spike in COVID-19 cases.

The original ‘welcome home’ Disney video:

The Jurassic Park tweet (video):

  • PJ and pals created a remix of the Disney video (below).
  • It shows Jurassic Park opening to the public and visitors being eaten by dinosaurs. The underlying sarcastic message is, “hey, it’s not safe here yet but please come visit and spend money – you might die but never mind about that!”
  • The video suggests that instead of being human folly to dinosaurs, they will be human folly to coronavirus.
  • The Twitter account is still going strong. Tweets have carried on the theme of disasters unravelling, with its fictional corporate team desperately trying to protect the brand.
  • To date, it has 321.9k followers and is following 12 people (the comedians/writers).
  • Evans also runs a satirical Disneyland account (322.1K followers) @Disneyland2go (below), which was created from his disgust at consumerism at these parks.

A non-stop stream of sarcastic content:

  • The below shows a snapshot of some of the entertaining covid-related tweets:

You get the idea, go give it a follow.

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