💡Brand Bites (2 min): Adidas – the speed-scroll Twitter challenge

⏳2 minute read

Adidas UK’s Twitter account recently challenged its 834.5K followers to a speed-scroll test. Those who were quicker than 10 seconds were given access to its latest X Ghosted boots.


Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world, after Nike. 

In this article – you will learn:

  • How Adidas used a Twitter Thread in an innovative and engaging way.
  • How many ‘super-scrollers’ interacted with the scroll challenge.
  • What ‘exclusive’ content was unlocked once the challenge was completed.

Adidas tweeted this:

On your marks, get set, GO!

  • Those up for the challenge had to tap the ‘❤’ icon to start the timer.
  • Users then had to scroll through the thread as quickly as possible, racing through a further 28 football emoji filled tweets.

It went a little something like this:

Keep scrolling:

The finish line:

  • The final ‘finish line’ tweet prompted users to click on the ‘❤’ icon to ‘stop the timer.’

The challenge in action:

Click on the video in the below tweet to watch a user taking part:

Winners unlocked the next stage:

  • Those quick enough to reach the finish line in under 10 seconds were awarded their winning time and then granted, what feels like, exclusive access to more information about the X Ghosted boots with a ‘buy yours’ call to action.
  • The challenge made users feel like they had physically earned the ‘buy yours’ tweet, making them feel that they were now worthy and ‘fast’ enough for the boots.
  • To date, the first tweet gained 2.8k likes and the finish line tweet has 3k likes. In total, the Adidas Twitter campaign would have appeared on 5.8k+ newsfeeds – and it looks like people are still interacting with it.
  • Tapping the heart icon served two purposes: 1) clicking ‘❤’ was part of the ‘start-stop’ timer function. 2) Liking the tweet also meant that the content appeared on more newsfeeds, further expanding the reach of the social media content and exposure of the new boots.

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