šŸ‘€Brandwatch (2 min) – Tesco’s not so original Twitter competition

Tesco challenged users on Twitter to quote retweet their message, and those that managed to get zero engagement would be entitled to a free meal deal.


TescoĀ was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen as a group of market stalls in Hackney, London. Tesco have over 6,800 shops around the world.

In this article – you will learn:

  • How Tesco’s tweet managed to attract thousands of likes, quote retweets and retweets.
  • Where the idea was taken from.

Tesco tweeted this:

  • Tesco tweeted that it would give away a free meal deal to followers who ‘quote retweeted’ the original message and achieve zero engagement.
  • Twitter users tried their very best to avoid engagement in any way possible – most of which failed.
  • In total, Tesco’s tweet got 155K likes, retweets and quote retweets.
  • One user thought he mastered it by saying, “If you like this tweet you are a racist.” But sadly still got likes.

Where the original idea came from:

  • It seems to have originated from @Parpkinshawarma (4k followers) – a ‘shawarma, burgers, chicken and fries’ takeout in Ghana, Africa.
  • It just goes to show that there are some social media rockstars hiding all over the worldšŸ¤˜.

Why the tweet is so clever:

  • It’s clear that everyone would be liking each other’s tweets, therefore tricking the algorithms in boosting the tweet, human 1 – computer 0!

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