👀Brandwatch (2 min): Ryanair – The Trumps got trolled

⏳2 minute read

Irish budget airline Ryanair went on a savage rampage of trolling President Trump and his family on Twitter, whilst the election count is/was still happening.


Ryanair DAC is a European Low-cost airline founded in Ireland in 1984 by a group of Irish businessmen. Ryanair competed with US low-cost operators. In 1990, Ryanair re-launched as ‘Europe’s first low fares airline’. Its innovations included ‘high frequency flights, moving to a single aircraft fleet type and scrapping free drinks and expensive meals on board’.

In this article – you will learn:

  • How Ryanair trolled Donald, Eric and Melania Trump on Twitter during the election count.
  • How people reacted to the trolling.

During the election count, Ryanair tweeted this:

  • The tweet (which has since been removed by Twitter) mocks Trump dancing at rallies, whilst comparing him to ‘dad dancing’ and using a clever play on words for Magaluf, (MAGA = Make America Great Again).
  • The clip in the original tweet was similar to this, I’m sure you’ve seen this dance before:
  • Trump falsely claimed in a tweet that he had won the election while votes were still being counted. Ryanair took the opportunity to mock him again, comparing the early announcement to stepping off the plane before it has landed.

Ryanair struck again:

  • The budget airline company also took a stab at Eric Trump.
  • The airline’s tweet came after he attended a public event in Philadelphia claiming that his father will win the electoral votes from the state of Pennsylvania.
  • In another tweet, Ryanair referenced the conspiracy theory that suggested that First Lady Melania Trump had a body double who made public appearances with Donald Trump in her place.

Here’s what some users thought of it all:

  • Some joined in with the Trump-trolling whilst other frustrated users took the opportunity to chase up refunds.
  • Ryanair replied back to most of the queries in a classic customer service tone of voice, even when users were trolling them back in an irate manner.

It’s a risky strategy in the current climate with so many users still waiting to receive refunds from their holidays. But, to their credit, they were very proactive in dealing with some of the angry users.

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