The ‘100million’ Instagram account, a social experiment in virality

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An Instagram account has been created anonymously with a sole aim of reaching 100 million followers.

Here is the mysterious account:

You can follow the account by clicking on the image.

Its received lots of negative comments about its true intention, speculating that it was created to monetise at a later date. The account replied to some with a simple yet effective, “nope.”

They have even called out the World Record Egg (currently at 5.9m followers) in its original post also stating the purpose of the account:

Here’s the ‘famous’ World Record Egg with 55 million likes:

Click on the image to check out Eugene the egg.

Have users cracked it?

I share the same belief as many other users – perhaps the account has been created and run by an advertising agency, even if they don’t reach the 100 million follower target, they are still likely to have a sizeable audience. I am sure any brand would be willing to pay for a ready-made audience.

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