👀Brandwatch: Iceland sends a chicken nugget into space

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Supermarket giant Iceland has sent one chicken nugget into space to mark the brand’s 50th anniversary.


Iceland Foods is a unique British food retailer with over 900 stores throughout the UK, a further 40 owned or franchised stores across Europe, and a global export business.

In this article – you will learn:

  • How Iceland marked it’s 50th anniversary by sending a nugget into space.
  • How it went down on social media.
  • How Iceland are not the only brand exploring space marketing.

Iceland tweeted the below:

  • The lucky chicken nugget embarked on an out-of-this-world journey into space, in partnership with Sent Into Space.
  • It took around two hours to reach 110,000 feet into space.
  • That’s the equivalent to the height of 880,000 Iceland chicken nuggets.
  • The nugget then parachuted safely back to Earth, attached to a weather balloon, at a speed of 200 mph.
Here’s how it went down on social media:
  • The reaction on social media varied from delight to disgustsee below.
  • Interestingly, Iceland’s social media strategy was to encourage the positive comments by engaging and largely ignore the negative comments (not always a good idea).
  • Whereas other brands are becoming more savvy to negative comments by responding in a comical, sassy and blunt tone of voice.
  • The stunt was a prelude to its latest campaign.
A banner from Iceland’s website

Now Iceland really can say its products are ‘out of this world!’

Space – the next frontier of marketing?

  • In other ‘launching items into space news,‘ beauty brand Estee Lauder is paying NASA $128,000 for a product photoshoot onboard the International Space Station.
  • This is how the marketing team hopes the photo will look:
Once the product is on board, astronauts will be tasked with shooting product photos of the serum floating in the cupola module, which has sweeping panoramic views of Earth and space.
  • The picture will be posted on their Instagram.
  • The products will return to Earth in Spring 2021 and Estee Lauder will auction one of the bottles for charity.
  • Below shows the Instagram post announcing the ‘NEW LAUNCH ALERT.’
  • The brand has compared their dedication of exploring better skin care to that of exploring space.
NASA announced in 2019 that it was opening the ISS
up to commercial activities. We are sure to see many other brands following suite in the near future.

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