đź‘€Brandwatch: Has Innocent Drinks just launched a Heinz baked bean smoothie?

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Innocent Drinks recently announced the launch of a Heinz baked beans smoothie 🤮. They shared the ‘shocking news’ on their social media channels, which turned out to be a clever marketing tool to launch their actual breakfast smoothie.


Innocent Drinks is a company that produces smoothies and juice sold in supermarkets, coffee shops and various other outlets. The company sells more than two million smoothies per week. Innocent is over 90% owned by The Coca-Cola Company. 

In this article, you will learn:

  • How social media users reacted to the baked beans smoothie ‘fake news’.
  • How they announced the actual product, once they had everyone’s attention from bean-gate.
  • How the baked beans smoothie was just a clever marketing ploy to create a buzz on social media, ready for the launch of the real product.

Innocent Drinks posted this on Friday morning:

Posted on Friday, October 9th
  • The announcement across its channels got a mixed reaction, the majority – confused, baffled and sickened.
  • The post created a big buzz across social media, with users left to wonder throughout the day and over the weekend, whether Innocent Drinks were serious.
  • They kept up the act. The post below, published on Saturday, helped strengthen the weird rumour:
Posted on Saturday, October 10th
  • It seems like Innocent Drinks had an engagement plan ready for when people expressed their shock, disgust and cheekiness.
  • They replied back to most of the reactions in a quick-witted, blunt and sarcastic manner – as if people were ‘crazy’ to doubt them.
Innocent Drinks then posted this on Friday afternoon:
  • After getting lots of comments throughout the day, Innocent posted the below on Friday afternoon to strengthen the rumours. Nice way to add fuel to the fire.
Posted on Friday, October 9th
  • Even Heinz got in on the action, see below.

The Monday reveal:

What Innocent Drinks were actually launching:
  • Innocent Drinks posted the below ‘disclaimer’ on Monday morning to reveal what they were actually launching – their ‘Up & Oat’ breakfast smoothie.
  • They really did play ‘innocent,’ throughout the whole reveal.
  • They edited their original image in an obvious and sloppy way to add to humour of: “it wasn’t us!”

Below shows the original post, split between text and image:

Posted Monday, October 12th

  • In a ‘whilst we’ve got your attention’ style on this Monday post above, Innocent told its social media users that they were actually launching the ‘Up & Oat’ smoothie (see below).
Posted on Monday, October 12th

  • Innocent continued to deny its involvement with the original baked beans post.
  • Their tone of voice throughout the whole stunt was funny, casual and quick-witted – perfectly matching its target demographic.

Innocent being ‘innocent’ with their replies.

The result

  • The weekend stunt got thousands of likes, comments and reactions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • This was achieved by posting off-the-cuff organic content, stepping away for the weekend and then stepping back to post the ‘ta-da’ new product launch content.

This is a clear example of a brand creating controversy in a light, witty but disturbing way, whilst staying true to their tone of voice. Excellent example of a brand just having fun with a product launch.

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