👀Brandwatch: Black Country Museum’s ‘Bostin’ Tik Tok Channel

⏳ 5 minute read.

The Black Country Museum has mastered Tik Tok and gives users a unique educational digital experience.

Yow ‘av just entered the Black Country Tik Tok.

Click on the below Tik Tok to view.


  • It brings the bleak Victorian coal-mining 1800s to life by showcasing it through unforgettable, eye-catching and vibrant 21st-century video content.
  • It is very quick to tap into the very latest Tik Tok trends which gives users a juxtaposition experience of the Victoria era and the latest tunes.
  • It knows exactly who its target demographic is and just how to surprise them with its forward-thinking content.
  • It uses the 1800’s slang giving users the Black Country ‘bostin’ experience.
  • Tik Toks are of specific places (houses, coal mines, school) which act as ‘teasers’ to the rest of the museum.

The proof is in the ‘groaty’ pudding:

  • Nearly 2.5 million video views (12 Tik Toks).
  • Amassed 56K followers (who are absolutely LOVING the content).
  • Gained 583.8K likes across its Tik Tok videos.

This shows that even a ‘boring’ museum can utilise social media by showcasing what’s already THERE and then applying the right sprinkle of creativity to bring it to life.

No famous influencers, no big spend, no forced hashtag – just the staff having fun and tapping into the latest trends.

Now sit back and enjoy some more creative content

Click on the below Tik Toks to view.


m to the b but it’s the industrial revolution and you work on top of a coal mine #foryou #fyp #blackcountry #dudley #victorian #vintage #historymemes

♬ M to the B – Millie B

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