đź‘€Brandwatch: Tesla’s invisible advertising budget

⏳ 5 minute read.

Elon Musk proves that Tesla does not need an advertising budget.


CEO Elon Musk takes full control of promoting Tesla on social media, despite all the controversy he’s not done a bad job.

Last September, all of Tesla’s shares were worth around $39bn to being now valued at around $390bn – a 1,000% increase in 12 months. I’m not a finance kind of girl but even I know that’s massive!

This growth is all without marketing.

Tesla overtook Toyota to become the world’s most valuable car company earlier this year, despite the Japanese company manufacturing and producing more vehicles.

Elon is the master of controversy. He smokes weed with Joe Rogan, blasts a Tesla into space and then when it’s time to launch a real product he’s got our attention.

Elon personally responds to comments. This makes Tesla fans feel empowered, they have the opportunity to engage with the company’s CEO and founder (their messiah).

He has an ‘odd’ charisma on social media – he tweets controversial and ‘exclusive’ content, live-tweet events (like the rocket launch) and is open and transparent about Tesla.

Tesla’s Instagram feed is filled with authentic photos of its cars either in action or in relatable, everyday (some random) scenarios. There are no photoshopped glossy shots, just kids, rabbits, cows and dogs.

Vs. BMW’s Instagram stream – glossy, photoshopped shots using neat and tidy models to sell the brand. Not for the everyday school drop and pick ups.

Tesla’s ‘real’ approach removes the ‘smoke and mirrors’ and creates an authentic connection with consumers, who are more than happy to ‘advertise’ for them through organic user-generated content.

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