👀Brandwatch: Pocky’s Picture- Perfect Instagram

⏳ 5 minute read.

Introducing Pocky, the popular Japanese snack. Their Japanese Instagram feed is simply delicious – it balances busy, creative product shots and presents them in a format that would make Marie Kondo proud.

Pretty Pocky Pictures:

They’ve carved out their own path by going against the industry norm and presenting the majority of their content in landscape mode.

Photos of Pocky in a variety of backdrops makes the user feel that they can have the snack anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

The photo stream follows a seasonal colour palette, pink tone for Spring, orange tones for Autumn. Very pleasing to the eye.

Faces are purposely cropped or blocked out putting more focus on the experience and taste of Pocky. Pocky doesn’t seem to require user-generated images, influencers or celebrity endorsements.

The whole stream feels like a virtual art-gallery – the pictures are busy but minimal and delicate. You can’t help but scroll (perhaps whilst nibbling on a Pocky).

Pocky’s lovely tone of voice.

With the brand message of “Share happiness!” Pocky encourages people to share happiness and yumminess with their family and friends.

The following tweet encapsulates the brand’s message through its warm, loving and positive tone of voice:

Which translates as:

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