đź‘€Brandwatch: Subway deletes ALL of its tweets

⏳ 5 minute read.

Subway has been a little strange on Twitter this week. The brand has deleted ALL of its tweets (that’s 21k+ tweets) in a bid to ‘stay fresh’ just like their subs.

It’s an interesting (and brave) approach to completely wipe the slate clean. My initial “oh wow that’s quite creative” thoughts soon turned into “hmm I’m not so sure about this now.” The ‘fresh’ daily tweets weren’t getting much engagement – its followers didn’t seem fazed by the bold statement. Those who missed the initial “If you hadn’t noticed...” tweet may now feel confused when visiting the profile for the first time wondering why the stream is blank.

I admire brands and organisations experimenting with social media so I can’t help but feel a bit dismayed that this hasn’t been better received.

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, Subway’s content strategy is a little more enticing with mouth-watering, visually-pleasing and fresh’ food photos which all fits in perfectly with its ‘fresh and healthy’ brand perception:

The emphasis on ‘fresh’ campaign may be linked to a fairly new social media agency 87Social recently being appointed as social media agency for the brand. Maybe the social media agency just wanted a fresh start with the brand so that they can leave their mark on a blank canvas?

Anyway, contrary to the approach on Twitter, the agency believes that people’s conversations now control the destiny of brands so maybe there is more engagement-sparking content to come.

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