đź‘€Brandwatch: Pampers – the hero story. From changing nappies to changing men’s toilets

Pampers has committed to installing 5,000 changing stations in men’s bathrooms across America by 2021.


It all started with this Instagram photo posted by a regular dad back in 2018:

It shows Donte Palmer, a dad who was left with no other choice but to squat to change his baby’s soiled nappy.

Since publishing this picture on social media, Donte founded #SquatForChange, an organisation committed to arming dads with the proper changing table resources they need to be hands-on with their children.

Donte’s campaigning paid off as Pampers noticed the photo and is now on a mission to install 5,000 changing tables in men’s bathrooms across the U.S and Canada by 2021.

Even more recently, after 2 years of campaigning, a law requiring all new or renovated buildings in New York with public bathrooms to make changing tables available to men and women came into effect in January 2020.

And it’s all because of ONE Instagram post.

Why doing is better than saying

What stood out to me was that Pampers saw a real-life problem and have rolled up their sleeves in working towards resolving it even though this is not their responsibility. It’s an example of a brand DOING something for their audience that doesn’t serve their profit agenda.

There’s no fancy campaigns, creative copy or taglines – just an honest solution to an honest problem.

Donte said: “They’re pushing the message because dads need the resources and that’s what we’re getting. Pampers are heroes. We’re partners now and it’s really making a difference to the world as we see it today.” (Source).

Two years on and the Instagram post is still attracting lots of comments from those experiencing the same issue.

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