đź‘€Brandwatch: Wendy’s beef with McDonald’s over spicy nuggets.

It’s getting spicy in the fast-food world, especially when it comes to chicken nuggets. In some recent Twitter beef, Wendy’s made it very clear on social media that they are not impressed with McDonald’s recently introducing spicy chicken nuggets to its menu. They even dragged Burger King into the spat.

A Twitter user tagged the brand and asked how they felt about this – particularly when the fast food chain has served a spicy version of its nuggets for some time.

With its usual sassy, direct and humorous tone of voice, Wendy ‘clapped back’ and dragged Burger King into the tweet. (Poor Burger King, what did they do?!)

Wendy’s then continued the banter with its loyal followers:

In other beefy Wendy’s news:

Apart from taking down their competitors, Wendy’s have been busy spicing up Twitter profile pictures as part of their latest ‘Spicy 4 for $4’ promotion. Any other restaurant would post lots of artsy flat-lay pictures of the food – not Wendy’s. There was no shortage of people willing to submit their pics for the fast-food chain to mess with.

Here are some of the amateur attempts by Wendy’s:

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