đź‘€Brandwatch: KFC proving the value of reactive content

This KFC tweet was the best example of a brand being reactive and turning a frustrating situation into a reassuring and humorous one. It stood out on my Twitter feed because whilst everyone was up in arms on social media about A-level results, KFC were hot on it and addressed their target audience (students impacted by results) in a funny, authentic yet reassuring way. Their tone of voice was spot on illustrating what works best for them during stressful situations – to simply be witty, edgy and ‘like your mate.’

KFC convey a self-deprecating and transparent approach to its online tone of voice. It has presented itself as a human company that makes mistakes and can laugh at itself.  This is perfectly illustrated below.

In a Twitter UK Business Blog – KFC shared the strategy behind their tone of voice and how they’ve won over the loyalty and trust of its followers:

“Twitter is very much an engagement platform for us. It’s where we get to have a lot of fun with our followers and push our cheeky tone of voice. It’s actually where our tone of voice was developed and has since been adopted across the rest of our advertising.”

Their most successful Tweet?

“The most successful tweet we’ve ever posted, which may have gotten us in quite deep water with our U.S. counterparts, featured a certain president. He’d posted a lengthy tweet about the leader of North Korea and his red button. We jumped on it straight away, made it relevant to KFC and layered in some of our cheeky tone of voice”.

The key to their success? It’s the tone of voice, relevance and timing of their content. Well worth a follow.

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