👀Brandwatch! How Boohoo perfected influencer marketing

This Boohoo video of one its influencers made me reach for my purse. Why? The catchy music video showcased multiple items with the product codes clearly listed in the post.

Boohoo is one of the best fashion brands to have perfected its influencer marketing strategy. Its Instagram influencers are a powerful marketing tool – they resonate with their target audiences because they showcase a lifestyle that its consumers aspire to through their social media streams.

The use of #BoohooBabes works well for the brand because it encourages a constant flow of user-generated content of women who would probably love to be featured on Boohoo’s Instagram feed (the hashtag currently features 89k photos) and its social media content feels like a friend telling a friend “hey, check this out, this would look great on you, you should buy it!”

Understanding its target audiences (especially women of every shape, colour and size) has allowed this fashion brand to go from strength to strength whilst empowering its consumers through a distinctive ‘girl power’ tone of voice.

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