Why House Rules rule

If you don’t have a set of House Rules on your social media account, then some of your users will think that they can behave like naughty children in a classroom when the teacher leaves for a minute.

House Rules are standard practice across social media and outline how you’ll engage with users and how you expect your users to behave on the platform. I.e. “Don’t swear or use offensive language or else we’ll ban you from the page.”

If someone does swear, use offensive language or posts sensitive information then you can point them directly to the House Rules on your page. Or you can just ban them.

House Rules set out guidelines such as:

They also help to manage expectations on when you’ll be engaging with your fans:

Our working hours are 9.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday. We’ll deal with enquiries sent outside of this time as soon as possible when working hours resume.

You can upload your House Rules on the ‘Notes’ section of your Facebook page and refer users to the tab when necessary.

Find the original rules to tailor around your business/brand from the Government Digital Engagement site.

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